OK Go Claims Apple Ripped Them Off in Inspirational Launch Video

By Colin Stutz, billboard.com

September 10, 2014 7:39 PM EDT

At Apple’s product rollout Tuesday, the mega-company unveiled a new iPhone, iWatch, payment system and U2 record that have all caught a lot of attention. But what indie-rockers OK Go noticed most is the video that launched the event called “Perspective” that was dedicated to original thinkers through a series of optical illusion Felice Varini-like images, a video they feel rips off an original idea of their own.

Since OK Go released its wacky clip for “The Writing’s on the Wall” in June, it has been viewed nearly 10.5 million times. And as the band’s manager, Andy Gershon told Bloomberg Businessweek Tuesday, it seems pretty clear this was the source of Apple’s own video. Not only had the band met with Apple in April to pitch the concept as a collaborative project, which Apple declined, but Apple wound up hiring the same production company behind OK Go’s video, 1stAveMachine, for it’s launch.

This is not the first time Apple has caught heat for allegedly imitating others’ work. In July, Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels called out the company for ripping off its logo in its “Stickers” ad campaign, and in 2005 The Postal Service claimed an ad for Apple’s Intel partnership had copied the group’s “Such Great Heights” and that same year.

Gershon told Bloomberg Businessweek the band is exploring its legal options, but does not expect it will have many.

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This article was originally published by Billboard.com.

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