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At the Law Office of Allen Jacobi, we give students who have a proven interest in the Entertainment industry the opportunity to work in a law office and a record label. Interns get hands-on experience by contributing to all the projects that cross the desk of attorney, Allen Jacobi. While working at the firm, there will be independent and group tasks, which include creating deal summaries, revising legal documents, performing research, and drafting agreements, licenses, formal letters, etc. In addition, interns will get to meet with talent, analyze and critique new music, and correspond directly with the firm’s clients by email, in person, or via phone. Interns are also taught the basics of filing trademarks, copyrights, and corporations, and are trusted to fulfill those filings on their own, under the supervision of the attorney.

Our largest on-going project is reaching out to and negotiating with publishers on behalf of the firm’s clients, acquiring digital licenses, and handling publisher licenses. Those who apply to our program must demonstrate excellent writing and oral communication skills, the ability to work efficiently in a group setting, have good time management skills, work well with various
technological platforms, and collaborate with others in a friendly and fast-paced work environment. Applicants must be current JD candidates in order to be considered, however, no prior law office experience is required.

Internship Reviews

The educational prerequisites for becoming a lawyer vary greatly from country to country. Law is taught by a faculty of law, which is a university's general

My experience at the Law Office of Allen Jacobi was both rewarding and challenging… Both Allen, and his Registered Paralegal(Kim) were friendly, down to earth, and excited about the opportunity to teach the interns… Whenever I had a question, it was answered and I was not made to feel silly or insignificant. The only critique I have is that, I wish I had spent more time there so I could have touched more issues that Allen deals with.

Lamel Adkins

University of Miami, Juris Doctor

I found my internship experience with Allen Jacobi to be enjoyable and very valuable… I gained my first exposure to the trademark creation process, reviewed and drafted artist agreements…I gained experience in the world of music licensing… I approached this internship hoping to find an area of law I would enjoy practicing, and this is exactly what I found.

Dan Zimmer

University of Miami, Juris Doctor

I thought this internship was one of the more valuable ones that I have had during law school. The best part was Allen’s trust and confidence in the interns. I really enjoyed being trusted to work on such important matters, and it felt great when Allen would provide positive feedback on my work and other advice that was actually very useful. Allen is a great mentor and the work environment was optimal…Overall, I learned a ton about the entertainment industry that I don’t think I would have learned elsewhere and have very little that I would suggest the office change.

Julianne Valdes

Florida International University, J.D Candidate

This Summer’s interning experience exposed me to a vast array of responsibilities that reinforced my foundation in the Legal field…[and]I was able to practice spoken English in a professional setting, which will benefit me in my future career and endeavors here in the U.S.

Lily Cao

University of Miami, Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries

If there is one word that I could use to sum up my Summer 2017 experience working with Allen, it would be ‘incredible’. The summer passed so quickly, and when I think of just how much I learned in a short span of time, it is nothing short of astounding. One of the major highlights of the summer involved the multitude of projects that I worked on…I felt free to ask any questions, and I felt confident in the work that I delivered. Overall…I had the privilege of an extraordinary experience gaining insight from Allen, Kim, and my fellow interns… I still wish to work more with Allen, Kim, and the rest of the gang in the future.

Susan Kufdakis

Nova Southeastern University, J.D Candidate

Working with Allen has been the greatest experience of my legal education… I feel like I’m part of something… [Allen] wants to answer your questions and do anything within his power to help you grow as an individual in the industry. I’m confident that the knowledge and connections I’ve acquired while working for Allen will be useful wherever I land in the industry… Thank you, Allen.

Roger Notario

Florida International University, J.D Candidate

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No, the initial consultation, whether conducted over the phone or in person, is provided at no charge. This allows you to assess your comfort level with the attorney and enables the attorney to gain an understanding of your situation, ensuring compatibility and a good fit.


Following the initial consultation, you can anticipate the attorney to review the details discussed and evaluate your case or situation. They will then provide guidance on the next steps, potential strategies, and the overall legal process involved in addressing your matter. This may involve additional meetings, gathering further information, or outlining a plan of action tailored to your specific needs.


We require payment upfront before commencing any work on your case or legal matter. This ensures that we can provide dedicated and timely assistance throughout the duration of our services to you.


The principal attorney takes direct involvement in all cases, overseeing the entirety of the legal process. Our team collaborates to ensure comprehensive support, with designated members assisting in various aspects of the case. However, it’s important to note that all final work is meticulously reviewed and submitted solely by the attorney, ensuring the highest quality and precision in your legal representation.


Navigating copyright filings involves distinct requirements, especially when the owner of the master recording differs from the owner of the underlying musical copyright. An attorney’s expertise ensures adherence to these intricate and varying requirements, guaranteeing proper documentation and protection for your creative works. Their guidance is invaluable in safeguarding your rights and navigating the complexities of copyright law effectively.


No, relying on a poor man’s copyright—such as mailing a copy of your work to yourself and keeping it sealed—does not offer legal protection or hold weight in copyright disputes. To enforce copyright and pursue legal action for infringement, registration with the copyright office is necessary. Without proper registration, the ability to sue for infringement is significantly limited.


A trademark serves to register and distinguish the origin of goods or services, ensuring brand identification in the market. On the other hand, a copyright safeguards creative content, such as music, films, books, photographs, and artwork, providing protection against unauthorized use or reproduction of that specific intellectual property.


The trademark application process is complex. It involves choosing the right category for your goods or services, known as an international class (IC). Attorneys understand these classes and can help you select the appropriate one. Additionally, the trademark process has various deadlines, and missing any of them can result in extra expenses or even the loss of your trademark. Lawyers use specialized software to keep track of these deadlines, ensuring timely submissions and protecting your trademark rights.


A management agreement typically involves the manager receiving a commission from the artist’s overall income, without gaining ownership rights. Conversely, a recording agreement grants the record company ownership of the master recordings and may extend to other revenue streams, including earnings from tours, merchandise, and occasionally publishing royalties.


ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SESAC represent notable PROs within the United States. These organizations specialize in collecting royalties stemming from specific uses of your musical compositions, notably in public performances. Their primary function includes the collection of royalties from terrestrial radio, television, motion pictures, and a segment of streaming revenue, ensuring that creators receive compensation for the public use of their musical works.


SoundExchange functions as an entity responsible for gathering and distributing royalties resulting from the performance of sound recordings on non-interactive digital platforms, such as Pandora, Sirius XM, and digital radio services. The allocated payments are divided as follows: 50% to the record company, 45% directed to the artist, and a remaining 5% contributing to a fund supporting non-featured artists, specifically the Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Funds managed by AFM and SAG-AFTRA. This process ensures that performers and copyright holders receive compensation for the use of their recorded works across various digital platforms.